Insects and Arachnids: Madagascar is home to a very large number of insects and spiders. There is an
Yellow blue butterfly

Yellow and Blue Butterfly

estimated 418 species of spider on the island with 80% of those being endemic. Millipedes are also very common in the forests of Madagascar.1 The vast majority of insects are endemic with a percentage ranging from 90-100%. So far from what is known, there are 418 species and sub-species of ants, 311 species of butterfly, 4000+ species of moths, 181 species and sub-species of dragonflies and damselflies, and 178 species of mosquitoes. In addition to those insects there are also termites, fleas, and true flies that inhabit the island.2

Scorpions: Of the 40 different species of scorpions that are known to exist on Madagascar, 100% of them are endemic.2

Shrimp: Currently there are 40 known freshwater shrimp species on the island and 24 of them are endemic. The Atyid shrimp are small 35mm shrimp that when caught and dried are used commonly as embellishments on sauces.2

Crabs: All of the 12 known species of freshwater crabs are endemic to Madagascar. Interestingly, unlike the Malagasy Crayfish, the crabs that are in Madagascar are found to be closely related to their counterparts in nearby African areas.2